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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Who Is God?

In My Vision, I said “…my greatest desire is to help myself and my readers to fall in love with God and His Word.”

As I thought more about that statement, it hit me:  What happens when someone realizes they love another person?  HOW does that happen?

If a friend of mine introduces me to one of their friends, the typical scene is for my friend to give me a biographical sketch of the stranger.  Through this brief biography, I gain some knowledge of him or her.  And, if my interest is piqued, I will find ways to get to know [her] more.  IMHO, “love” happens at some unexpected moment, when you realize this person is deepening the best parts of you; challenging, supporting, encouraging, loving you.  Love is a many-splendored thing!

But it all begins in getting to know this person more… finding out who they are.  What do they claim to be?  What do others say about them?  Do their own claims line up with their “known reputation”?  And finally, as I investigate this person, am I liking what I see?

If you believe God is worth investigating; if part of you is intrigued with the idea of the God of the universe loving you; if the possibility of having a personal relationship an omniscient, omnipresent being calls you to attention, then I invite you to stay engaged with this blog.  Over the next few weeks I plan to write on the “Ten Things that say a lot about Who God Is”.  These are my top ten; the most poignant characteristics that I see in the God of the Bible.  Hopefully, they’ll give you a little more than a “sketch” of Him.  Maybe they’ll even whet your appetite to get to know Him better…

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